From – Pune, India

Age: 35

Profession: Marine Engineer

My tryst with rally racing started in early 2015 when a dear friend dragged me to a local single-day rally. With no prior rally experience or racing background, the learning curve has been steep and fast.  A determined and organized approach has helped me get a hold of the workings of this grueling but massively enjoyable sport. Commitment and consistency are my core strengths with the help of which I’ve secured a top 5 finish overall and  top privateer in my last cross country rally – the grueling 6 day Odyssey called the Desert Storm.

What makes my story special is that until early 2015 I had no prior rally  experience nor have I grown up around a motorsport based environment. My riding until then was pretty much limited to adventure based travel in far flung corners of India.

Its never too late to chase your dreams or to re-invent yourself tough. If you put in the hard work and stay consistent – the results will come!! The journey hasn’t been an easy one, nor did I expect it to be.

Re-iventing yourself is easier said than done, changing my thought process and training the monkey in my brain is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. There are times I doubt myself  but you’ve got to fall forward. You’ve got to keep that goal in sight every time you dust yourself off. Never stop running towards your dreams – it might be a long shot but never give up. Be a Dreamer – A Dreamer of Dreams!!

A dream becomes a goal when the right actions are taken towards its achievement. For 2018, I’ve my mind set on one of the most difficult international rallies – The Merzouga, and eventually in due time, the greatest and the most brutal rally raid – THE DAKAR. Can an average Joe keep a full time job, find time for training on and off the bike and chase this seemingly impossible dream? Join me on my journey to find out!!

As Cross Country Rallying is not a mainstream sport in India,  this website is designed to provide key information on various aspects of the sport. For instance how do riders navigate a set course of hundreds of kilometers without the use of a GPS? or how gruelling is the Dakar rally and how much does it cost to participate?  or What kind of fitness training is required for cross country rallying?

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