Why Sponsor?

The notion of a self made man or woman is a fallacy. We all need help in some form or the other. I’ve been so humbled by the help extended by my friends and family to help me on this journey.

Motorsport by its very nature is expensive and sponsors are the cornerstone of this massively enjoyable sport. One cannot tackle international rally raids without sponsorships and funding. To put the expenses into perspective – two weeks of rally training in Spain costs 6000 euros, an international rally raid like the Merzouga costs close to 15000 euros and a Dakar rally costs a whopping 100,000 euros. To know more details of the costs involved click here.

What kind of exposure can the Dakar provide for your brand? Consider the numbers:

  1. The Dakar has completed 39 editions and visited 29 countries.
  2. It is not only the biggest cross country rally in the world but is also the 2nd biggest motor racing event in the world.
  3. It boasts 1200 hours of TV coverage across 70 TV networks broadcasting in 190 countries and has an incredible 4 million spectators on the rally route.
  4. The digital impact of Dakar is staggering – a 1.7 million strong Facebook community, 252000 followers on Instagram, 4.2 million visits on the live app, 23.6 million views for race videos across various platforms.
  5. Source  www.dakar.com

Thus far only 3 Indian’s have finished the Merzouga Rally, all professional racers with factory team back up. In 2018 I hope to join this list as the first Indian privateer to finish the Merzouga Rally. As for the Dakar,  only one Indian, CS Santosh, has finished the Dakar as of 2017.

Below images give an idea of the various sponsorship slots available for visibility of your brand.

sponsor slots on rider gear
sponsor slots on bike