Fitness regimen off the motorcycle plays an important role on how you perform on it.

Off road riding pushes a riders heart rate over 160 beats per min, add hard enduro sections, the figure jumps to 180/190 beats per min. A single stage in cross country rallies can be anywhere between 2 to 4 hours and heart should be able to sustain this rate for these hours, and a single day can have 2 to 3 such stages.

Apart from this a strong back, core body strength and balance are key to controlling a motorcycle off road.

How do you prepare the body to endure this constant onslaught? Cycling is one of the major exercises of this regimen, cycling for 2 or 3 hours at a sustained heart rate of 160-170 bpm to increase endurance, throw in a few high intensity bursts to train for hard enduro sections. For balance and core strength exercises, training aids like stability and bosu balls are used. There are no shortcuts – the old adage ‘no pain, no gain’ holds true.