DAKAR – The final frontier


The Dakar Rally is considered one of the toughest off-road rally races in the world. The idea for the rally came from rider Thierry Sabine in 1977 when he got lost in the Libyan Desert while taking part in the Abidjan-Nice Rally.

Inspired by his serendipitous journey, he promised himself that he would lead a voyage for others into the dunes, to ride and enjoy the dreamlike landscapes he had experienced. Sabine designed a route starting in Europe, continuing to Algiers and crossing Agadez before eventually finishing in Dakar. Over the course of almost forty years the rally has never failed to challenge, surprise and excite, generating innumerable sporting and human stories.

In 2008 the rally had to be cancelled due to safety concerns. In 2009, the rally left Africa and found its new home in Latin America, where a loyal public welcomed the event with open arms and followed the riders with great enthusiasm. The transition proved a successful one as the Dakar Rally has remained on the continent ever since.

How difficult is the Dakar really? The rally traverses across 3 countries covering close to 9700kms over a course of 14 days, some of which are marathon stages where assistance from service teams is not allowed. The mental and physical exhaustion is unparalleled.


What are the costs involved for competing in a rally like the Dakar?

Entry Fees€ 15,000₹ 11,10,000
Flights to/fro South America€ 1,500₹ 1,11,000
Bike Transport to/fro Spain to France€ 2,000₹ 1,48,000
Hotels+Food in South America€ 1,000₹ 74,000
Spare Parts€ 5,000₹ 3,70,000
Tires+Mousse (6 sets)€ 2,500₹ 1,85,000
Training (2 years)€ 10,000₹ 7,40,000
Riding Gear€ 2,500₹ 1,85,000
Bike (KTM RR)€ 32,000₹ 23,68,000
Service€ 20,000₹ 14,80,000
Dakar Feeder Race 1€ 20,000₹ 14,80,000
Dakar Feeder Race 2€ 20,000₹ 14,80,000
Miscellaneous (media pacakge etc)€ 3,000₹ 2,22,000
Total€ 1,34,500₹ 99,53,000